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Back in Sydney: Brekkie, Bird & Bridge (BONUS: Burger)

5-hit B combo!!!
Back in Sydney, soaking up memories and familiarity. It was nice to have brekkie at the Opera House and caught up with a connection from Kyoto, Japan.

It was about 7:30 in the morning, just a peaceful time before rush hour penetrated the streets with people. The birds were out as well.


It’s easy to be fooled, but this is supposed to be Sydney’s winter weather – gorgeous (kinda). It rained a lot that week, but this type of weather can really make the wait for summer just a little bit more enjoyable.


What I really loved about being back was the flexibility of menus in restaurants. For example, you can either add or subtract something to a sandwich and it gives you that extra freedom in your food selection.

After living in Japan for over 7 years, I was missing the variety of vegetables and lush fruit Australia has abundantly.

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