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Anniversary @ teamLab Planets

Happy anniversary to the love of my life. We went out Thursday night to Toyosu and checked out the Planets exhibition by teamLab. Spoilers: You’ll get wet!

It wasn’t packed at all, and we bought our tickets online before going. Definitely recommend going in the evening. It’s exactly as advertised, you go into different planets!



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Experiences, YouTube

💌 Love Letter Project 2016 Team Lab Tokyo 🗼 3-day Exhibition

A 3-day exhibition in Ebisu by Team Lab again. Love Letter Project was an interactive installation in a large room with projectors on 3 wide walls. When you touch the falling kanji it disperses and different object move around.

恵比寿駅から近くてチームラボの3日間だけのLove Letter 展示に行ってきた。プロジェクトーが3つの壁に楽しい映像を映ってた。落ちててる漢字の文字を近づいて行ったら映像が変わる。

🎶 by Marty Hicks