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Anniversary @ teamLab Planets

Happy anniversary to the love of my life. We went out Thursday night to Toyosu and checked out the Planets exhibition by teamLab. Spoilers: You’ll get wet!

It wasn’t packed at all, and we bought our tickets online before going. Definitely recommend going in the evening. It’s exactly as advertised, you go into different planets!



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🗼 Tokyo Talks #4 | Justine Participates at the Tokyo Art Book Fair

Two cities beginning with a T, Justine moved to Tokyo by way of Toronto in 2016 and exhibits at the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, selling goodies from her collection of one hundred paintings from the “21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Study of Japanese Cuisine” project. You can find more details about Justine at patternsandportraits.com

My favourite quote from the video:

I’m willing to try different styles to see where I can fit in.

「ト」から始まる地名2つ、トロント出身のジャスティンは2016年に東京に来た。「日本での21日間の旅」という挿絵入りの食研究プロジェクトの文房具をTOKYO ART BOOK FAIRで出店した。詳細などはpatternsandportraits.comにてチェックしてください。



🎶 by Marty Hicks

Plum Festival in Mito

Plum flavoured soft serve and limited to this season only. What a whopping price of 300 yen tho! Was it worth it? Maybe. The street food vendors definitely had the hustle mentality on this one. I’m sure I’m the next few weeks they’ll have a sakura flavoured one. For sure 🍦
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🗼 Tokyo Nights #3 | 🎂 Ai’s Birthday in Koenji 🎉🎁🙌🙌🙌

🎶 by Marty Hicks

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🗼 Tokyo Talks #3 | Sonya shares surprises about life in Tokyo 🌠

In different settings and situations, Sonya shares surprises about living in Tokyo – all the places where she feels comfortable and moments were she felt out of place. Coming up to her 6th year in Tokyo, we’ll make sure to catch up with her again soon.

My favourite quote from the video:

…in my mind half of me is probably Japanese




🎶 by Marty Hicks