Time-lapse: Frankie Cihi Painting


I was working with Singularity University Japan and brought my camera and remote timer. It was coincidence that Frankie was coming in to do a live painting set. The curator said it was okay to engage with the artist, and the end result was a fun-quick time-lapse video.


24mm Canon 7D on a tripod (provided by TokyoDex)
626 photos
Remote timer 1 every 12 seconds, then did some manual shooting as well
20-30 minutes on After Effects for colour correction and positioning.

Since the set was live and in the middle of the summit event, people were blocking the camera every now and then, so I had to manually take shots when I could get a chance. I should’ve positioned the camera a lot higher, and used a fish eye to capture the full working space.


The lighting in the space worked well with Frankie’s style, the articulate shapes and colours contrasted with body shapes moving in and out of frame.



Hi, I am Galileo. 🗼 I live in Tokyo, Japan 🍨 I like vanilla ice cream 📷 I take photos 🎥 I make videos 🚀 I go places 💰 I want to make people around me successful I believe in 💡 innovation 👥 human centered design You often hear me say 🕊 increase the peace 🙏🏻 team work makes the dream work

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