Spinning Gulliver Park Valencia


Upon visiting the site there was a foot path that circled around Gulliver where children were playing. The different body parts highlighted a different element of play – climb, slide, balance, etc.


66 photos all handheld = 66 angles.
A couple of minutes on Lightroom for colour and white balancing.
Around 4 hours on Photoshop to align the photos.
Exported the photos to After Effects for stabilization.

There were times when the focal point wasn’t visible, so I had to do a lot of guess work when taking the still and also aligning them in Photoshop. Handheld made it very mobile for repositioning the frame, and I can imagine how time consuming it would be if I were to use a tripod. I’m interested to see how a monopod can maybe add some efficiency.


I visited Gulliver Park in Valencia, Spain, and just watching the kids play gave me inspiration to be more playful with the surroundings and to try make a merry-go-round type of video. It’s important to have fun now and then, especially when trying new things!



Hi, I am Galileo. 🗼 I live in Tokyo, Japan 🍨 I like vanilla ice cream 📷 I take photos 🎥 I make videos 🚀 I go places 💰 I want to make people around me successful I believe in 💡 innovation 👥 human centered design You often hear me say 🕊 increase the peace 🙏🏻 team work makes the dream work

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