Beats and Things – prtytrx by Marty Hicks

Last year I collaborated with my good friend, Marty Hicks, to produce some tracks for my Tokyo Talks series on YouTube.

Good news, his album is finally out and you can get it on bandcamp:

Rewind almost 4 years ago when I met first met Marty in Kyoto when I was working at Ritsumeikan University. He was a short-term study abroad student with his sights on furthering his studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts in the future. Well guess what? He’s doing that now!

Very active in the local music scenes in and around Tokyo, you’ll find his Instagram (@marty256) to be a snapshot of his exciting life as an Australian / musician / pianist / composer / artist – living in Japan.


Hi, I am Galileo. 🗼 I live in Tokyo, Japan 🍨 I like vanilla ice cream 📷 I take photos 🎥 I make videos 🚀 I go places 💰 I want to make people around me successful I believe in 💡 innovation 👥 human centered design You often hear me say 🕊 increase the peace 🙏🏻 team work makes the dream work

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