WeBase Hostel Kamakura

WeBase Kamakura (website) is a hostel with Dorm & Private Rooms, 15 mins walk from Kamakura Station, 2 mins from Yuigahama Beach. It’s in close proximity to the cultural landmarks in the area such as the Daibutsu in Kotoku-in (map), and Hase-dera (map).
My friend Lachie (pronounced ‘Locky’) works for the group company and invited me to stay a night before the official opening. I love sleeping so I didn’t hesitate and took him up on his offer. It was amazing.
Before I go on with my experience, you can use the coupon below to receive a discount. Offer ends March 31st so be quick and get your friends together for a relaxing weekend in Kamakura.
As soon you arrive, you already know it’s not a typical hostel you may find elsewhere in Japan. The facilities are new and spacious, very charming interior that suits the surrounding environment.
I stayed in a dorm-type room with 2 bunk beds, a total of 4 beds, near the communal lounge area where you can buy snacks and drinks from the vending machines, or use the iMac to update your social media network status. The bed was really comfortable and cozy for a ‘hostel’. I caught a lot of Z’s for sure.
I got to explore the building a bit and got to see some of the other rooms such as the tatami room, and private rooms with single/double beds. The shower/bath area was great. I’ve been to other hostels before, but the one WeBase has is top quality. The Sento/Onsen experience will definitely make it exciting for both domestic and international travelers. On one far side of the complex, there’s a yoga studio and regular classes. Very cool.
I arrived at night so I only noticed how fancy the entrance was when I checked out. You’d never guess it was a hostel. I had a very positive experience and I’m sure you will too when you stay.
Check out other details on their website, get updates on the Facebook page and check out what’s happening on their Instagram feed. They even have Tumblr.

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