🗼 Tokyo Talks #3 | Sonya shares surprises about life in Tokyo ðŸŒ 

In different settings and situations, Sonya shares surprises about living in Tokyo – all the places where she feels comfortable and moments were she felt out of place. Coming up to her 6th year in Tokyo, we’ll make sure to catch up with her again soon.

My favourite quote from the video:

…in my mind half of me is probably Japanese




🎶 by Marty Hicks


Hi, I am Galileo. 🗼 I live in Tokyo, Japan 🍨 I like vanilla ice cream 📷 I take photos 🎥 I make videos 🚀 I go places 💰 I want to make people around me successful I believe in 💡 innovation 👥 human centered design You often hear me say 🕊 increase the peace 🙏🏻 team work makes the dream work

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