🗼 Tokyo Nights #1 | Sigma sd Quattro (mini) Unboxing x Takadanobaba

It’s been a while since I last saw Ken. He came to my part of Tokyo, Takadanobaba, Kaori and Shohei came out too, and we all got a feed at Isomaru – one of my favourite places to get a quick and affordable kaisendon. A good Friday fix for a long week.

Ken did some funny ceremony while unboxing his new Sigma sd Quattro. That camera looks slick.

Friday night means there’s a lot of people hanging around and hanging out with friends, co-workers and unmentionable meetups. You’ll see in the video that as we walk out of the izakaya and flow into the street, it’ll be a typical Tokyo night of people sleeping on the road, standing and talking, and masses moving towards the train station.

I’ve been in Tokyo for over a year and half now, and still finding surprises here and there. Hopefully I can share more as time goes on in this big city.



ドーケンが新しいカメラを購入して、シグマの新モデル (Sigma sd Quattro)。何かかっこいい。





Hi, I am Galileo. 🗼 I live in Tokyo, Japan 🍨 I like vanilla ice cream 📷 I take photos 🎥 I make videos 🚀 I go places 💰 I want to make people around me successful I believe in 💡 innovation 👥 human centered design You often hear me say 🕊 increase the peace 🙏🏻 team work makes the dream work

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